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Strong and bold aromas carrying perfumes, made especially to match the audacious personalities of men are basically focused here by OudDubai. Select the most suitable option that fits your personality. The perfumes are available in all sorts of classifications, and most of them are based on Dehn Oud to suit high-end choices.

Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OMRT64901OA
An impassioned, incurable romantic, a fervent rose heavenly wrapped in natures miracle, the natural black gold of wild forest the Oud. An origin of vivid aroma. a scent for peaceful hearts. A mind refreshing instrument made out of natural oud and juice of supreme rose petals. A royal creation of Oud..
Ex Tax:AED700.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OOXPH9986OA
Oud Oxygen pour homme takes you to a level beyond, echoing its fragrance and super cognition. A dream fragrance smoothes mind and boosts the cool energy. Inspired by nature's elements and conveying freshness and vital energy with emblematic charisma...
Ex Tax:AED576.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OR5922
Dehnul oud Cambodi (Agar wood extracts) glittered with touch of cinnamon with a slightly cigar type middle note. Designed for glitterati personalities to suits with. once used & roam, a remark always follows behind...
Ex Tax:AED132.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OR42231OA
This non-alcoholic perfume oil imbues with a sense of power, a sense of thrill, made for those who shatters expectations. The arresting introduction of the woody and fruity oriental notes. The overall effect is stylish, modern and eminently wearable. ..
Ex Tax:AED795.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OSPRM3222
A power of Oud plants (Agar wood), a power of your image. A combination of many dehnul oud’s (Agar wood oils) blended with secret perfumes recipe with a little bit of spicy top note...
Ex Tax:AED96.0
OUD TWINS Pour Homme OUD TWINS Pour Homme
-50 %
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OUD TWINS Pour Homme
TWINS pour homme, 2 in 1: a combination of Oud Kandoora and Oud Musk Supreme. A virile personality reveals with wearing these. Made specially for white surface like kandoora. Is an Oriental gourmand, is the choice of the robust image. A totally selective and addictive fragrance for the young univers..
AED201.6 AED403.2
Ex Tax:AED192.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: RM7102
Experience the rose. The refreshing, energetic, spirited fragrance inspired by planted roses gathered from Moroccan landscapes..
Ex Tax:AED120.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: ZWJPH9868OA
A non-alcoholic perfume inspired by the masculine sophistication, confidence and presence of the Oud family, the perfume, an oriental musky woody and sensual rose notes combined to embody Arab masculinity through the use of classic ingredients. ..
Ex Tax:AED435.0
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