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Strong and bold aromas carrying perfumes, made especially to match the audacious personalities of men are basically focused here by OudDubai. Select the most suitable option that fits your personality. The perfumes are available in all sorts of classifications, and most of them are based on Dehn Oud to suit high-end choices.

Brand: Oud Dubai Model: 5OD8705
This Oud fragrance made out of historical Indian Assamese "Dehn Oud" (Agarwood Oil). Best for those who loves famous Indian Dehn Oud. This Eau de parfum Dehn Oud is a combination between soft & strong smell. ..
Ex Tax:AED300.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OAB6894OA
Natural wild Oud (Agarwood) blended with unique deer musk compound, other wood extracts and spanish Ambergris compound with other Arabic traditional ingredients together created a unique aroma for modern culture to suit. An aroma completely different than other available incense around the market...
Ex Tax:AED213.0
Oud Amber Pink
New Hot
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OAP7915OA
Natural wild Oud (Agarwood) fused with Spanish Ambergris compound, Taif Rose and other Arabic traditional ingredients soacked together for months to result a scent to attract the good noses. For cloth fragrance or home aroma. This is a superb home made product...
Ex Tax:AED221.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OAPH4971
Light yellowish white vivid & refreshing fragrance differently created for a macho image with a unique essence. A refreshed signature, Drawing inspiration from the natures essentials. Flowers & woody combination..
Ex Tax:AED102.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OSPRM3222
Ambergris, the oceans miracle. Natural Oud immerse in Spanish Ambergris for months before blending and wrapped with home made Arabic traditional ingredients. A supreme class fragrant incense for cloths to spread the message of luxury with your every moves. ..
Ex Tax:AED930.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OAM53471OA
A joyful woody-flowery non-alcoholic perfume oil radiating charm and freedom. This living fragrance inspired by the vivacity of the nature, its vibrant energy, its sparkling glow. The nature resonates throughout this woody scent, it is naturally sensual, unique and passionate. ..
Ex Tax:AED1,040.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OMAQ6854OA
Home blended incense Oud Aqua. Natural wild oud chips blended with carefully selected contemporary oriental Perfume oils to evoke the spirit of Arabian heritage...
Ex Tax:AED328.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OAPH9836OA
Like blue sky has fallen asleep. Steeped in enigma and urbanity Oud Aura pour homme is the new identity fragrance to topple over the range of many similar perfume products. Fresh and intense aroma for confident and modest men. Unique contemporary fragrance inspired by peaceful environment conveying ..
Ex Tax:AED504.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OCPH9806OA
For sports personalities with strong motivation. Renews with humour the myth of the alluler and embodies it in Oud Couture by Oud Dubai. The perfect contrast between a wonderful and sparkling note, spicy blossom top and a sensual dehn oud base.Product Code: OCPH9806OA..
Ex Tax:AED480.0
Oud Hindi Muatter
New Hot
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OMH7513OD
The historical Oud Hindi (Indian Agarwood) soaked in range of indian original Attars (Perfume Oils) for months to impel with a feeling of origin. A sense of fragrance that can thrill your day...
Ex Tax:AED168.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OMPH9755OA
A magical essence of nature's aroma. Seems the essance of lush greenery kissing the galaxy. A tribute to elegant men of highest ambitions. The sensual Oud scent built around woody nectar, spicy blonde rose lingers on body and enchants the smart senses. By wearing revealing a super passionate eminent..
Ex Tax:AED448.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OMDO74842OA
A vivid origin, a passionate, an exceptional, an intense oud within dehn oud. Oud Dubai is revealing the answer of spiritual emptiness and addictiveness through this dreaming aroma of natures miracle. The miracle natural wild oud, the black gold of the forest wrapped by its pure natural aroma of deh..
Ex Tax:AED1,490.0
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