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Strong and bold aromas carrying perfumes, made especially to match the audacious personalities of men are basically focused here by OudDubai. Select the most suitable option that fits your personality. The perfumes are available in all sorts of classifications, and most of them are based on Dehn Oud to suit high-end choices.

Brand: Oud Dubai Model: 3DOP64522 OA
Dehn Oud Platinum 3ml" is an unique blend of selected Indian dehn oud oils from different natural forests of historic India. Long lasting, a perfume of origin, Perfume of nature, rich in its natural wild oud flavour, made for Platinum class people. Addictive and classy. Dehn Oud, claimed as the firs..
Ex Tax:AED1,150.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: DOSYF77781P
The natural suyufi "Dehn Oud" (Agarwood oil perfume). Traditionally extracted from suyufi oud remainings from mix forests. It’s a natural health friendly aroma for everyone. ..
Ex Tax:AED780.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: DOSC98683OA
In terms of Dehn Oud, Kingdom of Cambodia is known by every Dehn Oud lovers for its amazing fragrant sweet Dehn Oud. Dehn Oud Suyufi Cambodia is another unique eau de parfum spray made out of pure Cambodian dehn oud collected from different forests of Kingdom of Cambodia. it is unrivaled, incomparab..
Ex Tax:AED1,930.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: DOSH89663OA
India is known for its many history and Dehn Oud Suyufi Hind is a product made from most famous Indian Dehn Oud (Agarwood Oil). This outstanding eau de parfum spray is an amazing product, a perfume of origin, Perfume of nature, rich in its natural wild oud flavour and no other fragrance added in it...
Ex Tax:AED1,930.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: DLPH5312
Top note bit spicy with flowery base note created for a romantic gentleman. The fragrance represents a modern stylish man esseence made for his personality..
Ex Tax:AED110.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: ELPM53831OA
Made for the elite personality who knows what he looks for, the non-alcoholic perfume is a powerful mix of excitement, allure and serenity. It awakens the senses with a burst of pure Oud, cool musk and floral woody. The subtle heart notes then reinforce the fragrance's clean freshness, creating a br..
Ex Tax:AED830.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: HLPH7912
This excellet to wear product has top note soft aquatic with flowery middle note and base note is light spicy. This aroma made to be with peace loving man...
Ex Tax:AED110.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: LLPH6371
The floral bouquet, inspired by the promise of lasting attraction. Love Line is a timeless blend of white flowers from pacific landscapes. Freesia petals, lilly of the valley and narcissus combination made for a loving man...
Ex Tax:AED102.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: MRS4102PF
This non-alcoholic perfume oil is an enchanting new scent joins the floral natural garden. A rosa extraction, capturing the boldness and the pure spirit of the multifaceted rose flower petals with the essence of lime flower in bloom...
Ex Tax:AED126.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: 2MY7961
For him. A fresh vibrant aquatic, flowery. A harmony as pure as the heart. A blend of strength & complicity. A pleasant smell of its own type, especially for u if you are a soft hearted person...
Ex Tax:AED96.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: NFAF5361OA
Air-Freshener; a wonderful home aroma, an irresist ible at dreaming night, an ultra fresh aromatic wave creates by scents of sweet grape fruit, se lected sweet flowery and lime. These are temper ded by all on a soft sensual base of leathery vanilla. A calming aroma for creating a dreaming environ me..
Ex Tax:AED97.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: 4OD8923
Aquilaria is the family of "Oud" (Agarwood). This eau de parfum of Oud has been made from mix of few Aquilaria species extracts. A powerful long lasting smell spreads surrounds with wearing it...
Ex Tax:AED192.0
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