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A blend of oud and perfume that makes the air smell pleasing, and the perfume part drives the components of the environmental scent beautifully. It serves two purposes, the Oud part disperses its aroma in the air whereas the perfume part gets into the clothes and keeps you fresh. Commonly known by the terms "Mabsoos" and "Bakhoor", they work like a charm to get rid of all the cooking and sweat smells and retain a person energized every moment.

Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OAB6894OA
Natural wild Oud (Agarwood) blended with unique deer musk compound, other wood extracts and spanish Ambergris compound with other Arabic traditional ingredients together created a unique aroma for modern culture to suit. An aroma completely different than other available incense around the market...
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Oud Amber Pink
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Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OAP7915OA
Natural wild Oud (Agarwood) fused with Spanish Ambergris compound, Taif Rose and other Arabic traditional ingredients soacked together for months to result a scent to attract the good noses. For cloth fragrance or home aroma. This is a superb home made product...
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Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OSPRM3222
Ambergris, the oceans miracle. Natural Oud immerse in Spanish Ambergris for months before blending and wrapped with home made Arabic traditional ingredients. A supreme class fragrant incense for cloths to spread the message of luxury with your every moves. ..
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Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OMAQ6854OA
Home blended incense Oud Aqua. Natural wild oud chips blended with carefully selected contemporary oriental Perfume oils to evoke the spirit of Arabian heritage...
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Oud Hindi Muatter
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Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OMH7513OD
The historical Oud Hindi (Indian Agarwood) soaked in range of indian original Attars (Perfume Oils) for months to impel with a feeling of origin. A sense of fragrance that can thrill your day...
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Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OMS99747 OA
The Famous Kalimantan Oud medium pieces Blended with Amber, Misk, Oud Resin, Rose & Jasmine with summery as an Emirati traditional aroma...
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