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Once you start using Arabic perfumes, then there is no looking back. Perfumes like Oud have
a huge fan following not only in the Middle East but also in other regions. Oudh, certainly is a
fragrance of a lifetime, so making it a forever companion can never make you second guess
your decision.

Oud is used in middle eastern and chypre bases, and also woody-aldehyde as well as
fougere compositions, in the perfume industry. It blends well with vetiver, woodsy scent,
rose, peony, and geranium, as well as citruses like lemongrass on occasion. Oud is a strong
fragrance that is known to last longer as compared to any other Western fragrances, which
is why applying it to the right spots will make you smell like heaven every day, wherever you
go. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the right spots to apply perfumes.


Perfume has a strong affinity with fibre, which is what your hair is comprised of. However,
you should avoid putting the fragrance directly on your hair since the alcohol in the perfume
can dry out your tresses. Rather, squirt it on your comb and use it to brush your hair.


Your wrists are one of the most popular places to spritz perfume because they help to trap
the scent. Simply spray both wrists directly (do not rub them together—this will break down
the fragrance molecules!) Allow the perfume to dry completely for a long-lasting fragrance

Inside Elbows

Pulse points are areas of the body where veins are close to the surface. These areas produce
heat, which aids in the development of the fragrance. This includes the neck, wrists, and
cleavage, which are all common spots to spray perfume. The inside of the elbows, on the
other hand, is a popular place to apply perfume.

Behind the Ears

Perfume should be applied to the area behind your ears. It prevents the odour from
evaporating, thereby preserving it. For the uninitiated, this is a technique used by atar users
to achieve long-lasting fragrance. While oud has a stronger scent that not everyone will
enjoy, you can use your perfume to achieve the same effect. If you spray perfume behind
your ears, it will most likely last for several days.

Closing Thoughts

Remember, it is not a good idea to rub perfume on your skin. It is one of the earliest scent
habits we picked up. However, pressing perfume into your skin in this manner causes the
top notes of the smell to dissipate and disperse before they can settle. This implies that the
notes that drew you to the perfume in the first place will never fully transfer to your skin.

It is important for your perfume to gently combine with your skin's natural oils, since this is
what makes your scent endure and why the same scent might smell somewhat different on
various people. When you rub perfume on your skin, it creates friction, which heats it up
and alters the aroma.


Latest update: 26/06/2022
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