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Base Perfumes

Our special blends of long-lasting basic perfumes (non-alcoholic) are fully concentrated and made for sustainable fragrance results. Oud Perfumes, flowers, Musks, and fruits are the primary ingredients for OudDubai's majority of products to increase the sweetness of the brand.

Brand: Oud Dubai Model: ELPF64931OA
Made for the elite faminity, is a daringly charismatic perfume expressing a new statement of feminine inner beauty. Dedicated to elegant-elite female body, this is high-end, sophisticated, sensual oriental fragrance has an unexpectedly peaceful olfactive signature. this addictive fragrance opens wit..
Ex Tax:AED835.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: ELPM53831OA
Made for the elite personality who knows what he looks for, the non-alcoholic perfume is a powerful mix of excitement, allure and serenity. It awakens the senses with a burst of pure Oud, cool musk and floral woody. The subtle heart notes then reinforce the fragrance's clean freshness, creating a br..
Ex Tax:AED830.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: GM79783 OA
A splendidly created Gold Medal perfume with pure Oud in the prime base. A happiness in the depth. Our this signature product interplays fresh, vibrant notes of top selected range of high quality perfumes of origin to wear it to be happy. Our Gold Medal is not only a perfume, it is a milestone, a si..
Ex Tax:AED4,000.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: HB63821OA
A combination of woody, musky, rose & saffron Kashmir. A unique composition where the electrifying energy of Saffron meets the assertive faminity of rose in a vibrant, sensual and addictive contrast of love and romance...
Ex Tax:AED640.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: LP3781PF
A heiress, a princess, the fragrance for her excellency. An unique experience in an upside down environment. Peony accord, touch of rose in base, White musk, spice accord middle note, slightly woody top note essance...
Ex Tax:AED108.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: MRS4102PF
This non-alcoholic perfume oil is an enchanting new scent joins the floral natural garden. A rosa extraction, capturing the boldness and the pure spirit of the multifaceted rose flower petals with the essence of lime flower in bloom...
Ex Tax:AED126.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OAM53471OA
A joyful woody-flowery non-alcoholic perfume oil radiating charm and freedom. This living fragrance inspired by the vivacity of the nature, its vibrant energy, its sparkling glow. The nature resonates throughout this woody scent, it is naturally sensual, unique and passionate. ..
Ex Tax:AED1,040.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OR42231OA
This non-alcoholic perfume oil imbues with a sense of power, a sense of thrill, made for those who shatters expectations. The arresting introduction of the woody and fruity oriental notes. The overall effect is stylish, modern and eminently wearable. ..
Ex Tax:AED795.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OSP86215 OA
This sophisticated scent evokes Oud Dubai's contemporary signature and prestigious novelties. Oud oriented luminous Oud Saphire is the sensual Universal musky and an unique offer to the supremacy of perfumery legacy. Inspires the strength and moral vitality. An iconic diamond dazzling memory to add ..
Ex Tax:AED3,075.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: ZEWAJI Pour Femme
A non-alcoholic perfume inspired by the faminity elegance, confidence. With presence of the Oud family, the perfume, an oriental musky woody and sensual rose notes combined to embody Arab faminity through the use of classic ingredients. ..
Ex Tax:AED435.0
Brand: Oud Dubai Model: ZWJPH9868OA
A non-alcoholic perfume inspired by the masculine sophistication, confidence and presence of the Oud family, the perfume, an oriental musky woody and sensual rose notes combined to embody Arab masculinity through the use of classic ingredients. ..
Ex Tax:AED435.0
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