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Oud Dubai

Bakhoor Marasim
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Brand: Oud Dubai Model: BMRS5313OA
Famous Arabic home made Incense blended with natural agarwood powder, top grade natural Sandal wood powder & selected Spicy-flowery French, oriental perfumes. Made for Abaya as well as to get rid off from cooking smell of house...
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Brand: Oud Dubai Model: DOM4449P
This beautiful product is based on pure Cambodian "Dehn Oud" (Agarwood Oil) with some other selected similar ingredients to maintain the fragrance balance and moderate smell.Premium Product: Medium sweet woody smell to enjoy.Packing: Egg alike cute crystal bottle stationed in a curved inner box with..
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Brand: Oud Dubai Model: DOQ8887P
This powerful product is based on pure Cambodian "Dehn Oud" (Agarwood Oil) with pure natural ingridients from the same Dehn Oud family of Aquilaria. Its for those who loves sweet but strong aroma.Premium Product: sweet & strong aroma leaves surrounds. Dehn oudPacking: Designed curved crystal bot..
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Brand: Oud Dubai Model: DORM9829P
The pure Malaysian "Dehn Oud" (Agarwood Oil) has been used for this product to create a moderate soft long lasting woody aroma. A health friendly woody & moody aroma.Premium Product: moderate soft woody aroma for good mood. Dehn oud MalaysiaAttractive crystal bottle stationed in an inner box wit..
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Brand: Oud Dubai Model: DLPF5312
This soft aquatic flowery eau de parfum with a fresh romantic essence to create a fresh mood to the wearer as well as for the people around...
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Brand: Oud Dubai Model: FFAF5371 OA
Fruity, Citrus, Powdery..
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Brand: Oud Dubai Model: MD4002-71U
This Non-alcoholic perfume oil is a magical elixir that thrives both the scents of "Misk Deer", famous "Bulgarian Rose" and "Spanish White musk", bringing dreams of a tropical paradise Middle Note> Caramel, Jasmine, Tonka Bean, Rose Violet Base Note> Ambergris, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Musky..
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Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OL64572 OA
Pure Indian Dehn oud merged with selected spicy mysterious and volatile fragrances. The fascinating waves of scent dances around freely. Constantly fluctuating. Contrasted with a very neutral counterpoint of sweet aroma. It influence an elite power on the senses...
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Powdery (Air Freshener)
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Brand: Oud Dubai Model: PAF5371 OA
Musky, Rose, Vanilla, Powder, AquaticPremium Product: Rose, Powdery..
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Brand: Oud Dubai Model: RL8412
A luxurious , a sinsual essence of deep, dark accords with an alluring portion of black orchids and selected perfumery spice.Premium Product: Hot and spicy. For female characterised by intense emotions.Moon shape glass spray bottle partially covered by glod fold packed in a red outer box with white ..
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Brand: Oud Dubai Model: AE5312PH
This non-alcoholic perfume oil is infused with a more powerful blend of floral and spice. The result is a sophisticated decidedly masculine scent with stature and gravity. A perfect olfactive counterpart to the classic and antique..
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AL-EIMAAN (Oud Muatter)
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Brand: Oud Dubai Model: OMAE7325
Home blended incense Oud Al-Eimaan. Natural wild oud chips blended with carefully selected sweet soft fruity Perfume oil to evoke the spirit with moderate fruity scents...
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