With its admirable smell and delicate scent notes, Bakhoor is simply a magical treat for the lover of perfumes. Bakhoor term originates from the Arabic language meaning aromatic wood chips. The Bakhoor chips are soaked in essential oils and natural ingredients that give it long-lasting smell dissimilar to other perfumes.


 Bakhoor is mainly exported from the Middle Eastern countries hence UAE and Dubai are the best places where you would find the best quality Bakhoor. The roots of this tradition are found in the sleeves of Arabic heritage hence they are the sole traders of best Bakhoor such as Dubai.


 Bakhoor is judged on the basis of ingredients such as the quantity of agar wood and the authentic agar wood used in Bakhoor. A good percentage of agar wood makes it human-friendly as it does not affect the respiratory system of humans and also makes it useable for long time.