Dubai is a hub of the most luxurious traditions in the world. Just like it hosts the cultures of different parts of world, also it acts as a representative of the native Arabic culture that is to say the Arabic scents. Bakhoor, Bakhur, Ma’amul, Mabsoos are the Arabic term meaning the fumes. The meaning has a lot to do with the work of Bakhoor, when burned with the help of a burner. Normally charcoal or electric burners known as Mabkhar, it evaporates and takes the form of fumes that are induced and seized by clothes, furniture, walls, and floor. Everything smells good with a difference and is a treat to a wave of mental peace as well. Before going into the detail, one should know the common difference between two closely related terms of Bakhoor and Oud.


We come across many terms related to perfumes and scents because this niche has its separate vocabulary, some of the most related and confusing things are Bakhoor and Oud. The major difference between both is that Bakhoor is a form of agarwood-chips processed with aromatic substances, when burnt in a Bakhoor burner; it emits a harmless odor that is sweet and safe for all. Bakhoor is a mixture of Sandalwood and Agarwood-chip powders that are dried and mixed with special scented oils and resins that gives them a moist look.

Oud (agarwood) on the other hand is the rare forest miracle black gold and the used are much bigger and are 100% natural with God gifted unique aroma. Due to the richer natural fragrance of the agarwood-chips, no other ingredients required to be mixed hence the Oud used in its original form is more elegant and healthier. The higher grades of agarwood-chips employed are much bigger, more expensive and rarer than those agarwood-chips used in Bakhoor which are in wet powder form.

Both are burnt to give the pleasant smells to create a self with a different aromatic personality and also for a close environment such as homes and rooms.

HOW TO USE BAKHOOR? A step-by-step guide

Using Bakhoor is a whole different process as it has a separate fan base, as the whole process is quite amusing and relaxing on its own. The details of it have been shown below:


  1. For burning Bakhoor first, take a Bakhoor burner or Mabkharr and put an aluminum foil at the plate at the bottom of the burning head.

  2. Place a piece of charcoal over the aluminum foil and burn it with the help of a lighter or if you are using an electric burner simply switch on the burner.

  3. Now carefully break a small piece of the Bakhoor tablet and place over the flamed charcoal.

  4. For stronger smoke and quick results, breaking the Bakhoor tablet into semi-powder to sprinkle over charcoal is not suggested as the pleasant smell may get reduced.

  5. Adjust the time for burning Bakhoor with the help of the amount of Bakhoor used in the burner.

  6. Carefully place the lid over Mabkhara and avoid contact with burning charcoal from clothes and children or from falling into the carpets.

Oud Dubai provides the best experience to its customers with the help of a wide range of choices of Bakhoor which are different from market Bakhoors and as well as many choices of burners for their customer’s needs.


The best time to use Bakhoor is before going to public places or at dawn and dusk. Closed environments are usually preferred while using Bakhoor because the smell then stays inside and penetrates all the stuff present in the environment. Using little or no air vents is usually ideal as the smell stays inside for a longer time. The amount of time required to burn Bakhoor depends upon the amount of Bakhoor we are using. Normally 1 tablet is enough for the day or two, but it depends upon the size of the room hence a bigger room requires Bakhoor to be burnt for a longer time and in greater amounts. 

Final words:

In UAE , especially in Dubai, this tradition represents the Arabic in-heritage. When used in shops, malls or homes they represent the Arabic taste to the visitors and this delightful Arab treat speaks for the fact that Arabic scents are second to none. Bakhoor is considered harmless to use and smell, it creates a sense of motivation in the air where just breathing becomes such a delightful process and the smell just takes over the senses and helps in the decision-making abilities of humans. The smoke slowly diffuses in the air and surroundings and the waves of smell start getting into the stuff around it. Because of this everything starts to smell fresh and attractive. The smell of household products like the smell of the kitchen, cooking, garbage, and of sweat everything just fades away with the smell of Bakhoor. Bakhoor is just very famous because of such characteristics as it not only makes the environment smells good but also it hides and takes over unwanted household smells.