Humans and scents have had a beautiful relationship since the beginning of mankind. They evolved along with the humans. Scents notably Oud have provided us with a lot of benefits in making us calm and refreshing and what humans have given in return is that we celebrate an International Fragrance Day every 21 March. This day the whole world comes together to celebrate International Fragrance Day, a delightful occasion to entangle ourselves in the world of fragrances. International Fragrance Day was officially established by the Fragrance Foundation on March 21, 2018. The excitement of this greatly increases in the heart of the of the people of UAE, especially Dubai, where Oud Dubai and many notable brands are present to showcase their products in order to calm the taste buds of scent lovers. The purpose of establishing International Fragrance Day was to spread awareness, excitement, and education about fragrances all around the world for consumers and unite the fragrance community. For the people of the Middle East particularly Dubai Oud and musk fragrances play a vital role due to their cultural and religious history. Arabic scents as a whole are considered as something in the new dimension in the world of scents. 

A Glimpse into the history of fragrances

The history of fragrances dates back a thousand years and is as old as civilization itself. 

Arabic scents are mentioned in the perspective of Islam providing us with the proof that these things are not new. From ancient times, fragrances were used in religious rituals, self-grooming, cultural practices, and societal norms throughout different civilizations across the globe. The earliest recorded chemist who introduced the art of fragrance was Tapputi. She was one of Mesopotamia's first recorded perfume makers in the 2nd millennium BCE. The frequent use of fragrances is seen in ancient civilizations like India, Egypt, and China. These early countries used fragrant resins, herbs, and spices for religious ceremonies, burial rites, and personal embellishments. Now in modern times especially with the perspective of the gulf and the Middle Eastern hub Dubai,  reigns supreme as the global headquarters of Arabic scent perfumery. 

How to celebrate International Fragrance Day

International Fragrance Day, observed every March 21st, is an exciting occasion for fragrance lovers and curious souls. International Fragrance Day is an opportunity to prospect into the multifaceted and mesmerizing world of fragrances and appreciate their role in our daily lives.  Whether you're a fragrance admirer or someone looking to indulge in a sensory experience, there are many ways to mark this occasion and appreciate the beauty of fragrances. Here are some ways to embark on a journey of aromatic delight and discover the magic of International Fragrance Day.

Create a Scented Atmosphere around yourself: 

On International Fragrance Day, set your mood by diffusing bakhoor with the help of a bakhoor burner. Bakhoor is a premium perfume and when it contains the elements of Oud it costs a little more but it is 100 percent worth it. Burning the Oud itself in the Oud burner is a stress-relief practice and it is another traditional way to admire the beauty of holy perfumes like Oud.

Learn about the art of perfumery:

On this day, many fragrance houses offer educational tours or workshops that deeply observe the history and process of perfume creation. If you want to observe the art of perfumery, you must join them. Learning about the classes of perfumes is also very important some perfumes are considered more worthy than others. For instance, in the Oud Dubai brand panel, the perfumes that are worth more are classified into the Royal Elite category. These include Dehn Oud, original musks more specifically in the concentrated perfumes. These perfumes give a Royal taste to the users of them. 

Experiment with layering and creating new fragrances: 

On International Fragrance Day, you can experiment with layering and create your new fragrance.  Layering fragrances involves combining different scents to create a unique and personalized aroma. Start by choosing two fragrances that complement each other. For example, a light floral scent can be layered with a warm and musky base note for added depth. Experiment with different essential oils and blend them to create a new fragrance. In this way, you can unleash your inner perfume maker and create a new fragrance.

Share Fragrance choices and memories: 

International Fragrance Day is a great opportunity to spend time with your family and friends. You can share your fragrance choices and remind yourself about memorable scents from your past, such as the first perfumes that you used, the iconic brand special of all times. Gifting especially the Arab scents can be a good practice to let your closed one know about the worth of perfumes and the art of perfumery.

Observe the fragrances of nature:

Not all fragrances come in pretty bottles. Some are hidden gems that are the earthy smell after rain, the warmth of sun-kissed skin, or the soothing fragrance of flowers and grass. On International Fragrance Day, you must visit the garden, enjoy the company of fragrant flowers, and take a moment to appreciate the fragrant world around you.

Share the gift of fragrance:

The fragrance is a gift that everyone will love and appreciate. This day is the perfect occasion for gifting a friend or loved one a sample set of scents or a discovery kit. This will allow them to explore and find their perfect match. Gifting something that gives them a nostalgic feeling should be the goal and there is no other thing better than gifting the holy Oud that is not merely a scent but a world asset because of its scarcity.

Final Words

International Fragrance Day is a great opportunity to closely discover and scrutinize the art of perfumery and fragrances of nature. To summarize this start your day with burning Oud or Bakhoor in the burner. Use premium and Royal elite products to specify this day as something bold. This day provides many possibilities for the exploration of different scents and delves into the history of perfumery. The exploration and creation of fragrances connect us with the memories of our past experiences and evoke our emotions. Furthermore, the observation of scents associates us closely with the mesmerizing earthy beauty and its natural aroma. For choosing Arabic scents visit the store of Oud Dubai where you can get whatever taste you like with a whole series of perfumes to choose from.