Talking about the sense of scents and arabic scents specifically, it plays an active role in the daily life of people, a good scent is an indication of hygienic and tidy environment. Smells were limited only to perfumes until something called Bakhoor, also known as Mabsoos or Muattar, was introduced. Diverging from the predefined allure like in perfumes where the fragrance is kept limited to humans only, bakhoor is for the environment so that every breath in the environment unveils the world of enchanting fragrances. But not every bakhoor is safe for use, some dishonest merchants sell the bakhoor that has unwanted chemicals and toxic substances that are injurious to health. Oud Dubai is a top-notch brand where the assurance of original substances is the priority. Such a big and noteworthy brand is the best to start your experience with bakhoor. Located in the heart of Dubai, Oud Dubai has made its mark in the Gulf with its unique and catchy smell mixtures. Let's dive deep into one of the best-selling products of Oud Dubai which is all about the attractive fragrant spices and bakhoor.

Oud Dubai; The makers of this masterpiece:

Oud Dubai has undoubtedly created this masterpiece and has encapsulated the spirit of the makers of the product name “Bakhoor Chilli” as a perfect representation of the blend of tradition and modernity. The fragrance captures the warmth of Arabian hospitality, the cosmopolitan flair of the souks, and the essence of the bustling souks. Oud Dubai is known for one more thing, its unique and innovative ideas that are loved by the entire world. The making of Bakhoor Chilli was something that had roots in the making of Bakhoor honey.

Introducing Bakhoor Chilli; Ignite the senses:

Bakhoor Chilli as the name suggests is a bakhoor that is burnt with the help of a Bakhoor burner, when burnt it emits a beautiful sweet spicy aroma that has the sensation of sweet, attractive fragrant spices as main. Perfumers at Oud Dubai came up with the idea of introducing spicy smells into the Perfume blends. Just like the smell of food that arouses a sense of attraction in our mind towards food, experts have carefully picked up notes of the good-smelling spices and have induced them in the perfume blend whose major ingredients include agarwood, also known as Oud. Picture the warmth of Chilli with an alluring sense of the Oud Dubai. This bakhoor is available in the tablets form which are easily breakable with help of hands force. Just take the right amount for the  burn and place it on the bakhoor burner and ignite it, it will start emitting smoke which is safe to use and is very effective for the use on the clothes and the environment. In the surrounding environment the smell of Oud and this bakhoor specifically makes home, and lives rent free giving a long lasting experience. This bakhoor is recommended to be used near dining halls and in the homes that will warn out the odd smells and will create a well welcoming environment.

Bakhoor Honey and Bakhoor Chilli:

Bakhoor honey is also a trademark product of Oud Dubai but talking about the creativity it was necessary to mention that product here. Honey and chilli are two entirely opposite things much like fire and water. One is with sweet honey notes and other is sweet spicy notes, the perfumers at Oud Dubai made them as showcase of their creativity and blending the sense of savoury in the perfumic sense much like a good smelling meal that increases the apetite. Bakhoor honey includes the sweet and aromatic notes of honey whereas in comparison Bakhoor Chilli includes the spicy notes that adds upto the collection of creative works of this brand. Both of them are titans and their range at home creates a clash of these two strong titans.

Ingredients and Notes:

With its complex blend of notes, Bakhoor Chilli will tantalize your senses. This intense and sophisticated scent profile is infused with both the fiery kick of sweet spices and the woody richness of oud. The presence of the Oud makes it super long-lasting and the smell stays for hours and is different than other available bakhoors of the market. Getting absorbed into the environment and leaving a lasting impression. The notes of the bakhoor Chilli include the slow but blasting smell of the sweet and spices, it is usually savory, tangy, and richly flavored, and the heavenly woody and dominant smell of Oud that has the smoky, leathery, and woody notes that gives a viscous arabic scent overall.

Final Words:

“Bakhoor Chilli” is the perfect combination of Spice with Oud. The Product is available in the tablet form that comes with a decent price tag in a white box with a chilli picture on it. The makers of this Product have confined the heavenly scent of Oud and spices that is harmonious to the perfect combination that is for sure just right enough to quench one’s tastebuds’ thirst. Follow the official page of OudDubai on facebook, ouddubai_llc on instagram and to right start your journey with amazing scents headlines and for shopping online, you can visit them at Oud Dubai.