The Middle East is the largest producer of historical Arabic perfumes mostly in the region of UAE and its Emirates of Dubai. Here we can easily find all the authentic extracts of perfumes in their most fresh and raw form, “Oud Dubai” brand is simply a platform that helps you provide the best Arabic perfumes delicately and easily.


The history of the foundation of this company goes back to 38 years and in the year 2016, the charming project of “Oud Dubai” brand came into being. The project works under the influence of OUD AMBER GROUP and deals with all sorts of Arabic scents in a royal way.


Our brand “Oud Dubai” and “OUD MIRACLE” are proudly the registered trademark for branding the elite class of fragrances and the natural black gold the Oud respectively.


The theme for “Oud Dubai” is introducing the Oud, the most expensive and rare form of scent wood, to the world through the best products like Dehn oud and related products to elite/royal class customers throughout the Gulf and Middle Eastern countries from Dubai. The brand has gained a lot of loyal customers over time. The customers are spread throughout the whole world.