A dive into the world of Arabic perfumes by Oud Dubai

 An introduction to Arabic Scent 


Arabic perfumes have a rich history which is more than 5000 years old. The unique unusual and unmatchable aroma separated Arabic perfumes from the rest of the world's perfumes. It uses natural ingredients such as spices, resins, rare woods, and even animal extracts such as ambergris and musk, instead of artificial chemicals, making them long-lasting and safe to use. UAE is one of the world's top countries that is overwhelmed with aromatic fragrances across. 


Arab culture represents a significant role in the world of perfumery since its inception in perfumes like Dehn oud and Bakhoor. They are made with the same ingredients as in past, making them an important carrier of prehistoric heritage and luxury. Dubai is a metropolitan place so all people use Arabic Ouds to meet, and greet and they even use the scents in rooms to get a glance at the old tradition lived by Arabic people. 


Oud Dubai hosts a platform to present the best Arabic perfumes in the UAE, dealing in all sorts of perfumes.